Datuum is in the semi-finals of Fifty Founders Battle

Datuum.ai will be pitching its data integration platform from the biggest stage of the TechChill event in Riga.

We’re thrilled to share that Datuum.ai has successfully made its way to the semi-finals of the Fifty Founders Battle at TechChill 2023. This year’s contest was a true representation of global talent, receiving over 250 innovative entries from more than 30 countries worldwide. Deciding the finest out of these was a challenging task. Nonetheless, our discerning panel of investors, who hold a special regard for grit and ambition, narrowed down the pool to the top 50 dedicated teams.

There will be 5 bunches at the event with 10 ten pitches each. Only five finalists will be chosen, one per each bunch. 

Datuum.ai will pitch its data integration platform from the biggest event stage – the Founders stage.

The Top 50 semi-finalists, listed alphabetically, are:

  • Abillio (Latvia),
  • Adventum Tech (Latvia),
  • Ama Care (United States),
  • BES TEST (Italy),
  • Bilance (Estonia),
  • BirgerMind (Latvia),
  • Bitskout (Estonia),
  • Boop (Lithuania),
  • BrachyDOSE (Lithuania),
  • Bruntor (Latvia),
  • CenterMe (United States),
  • Codigy (Lithuania),
  • Cubed (Latvia),
  • Data Against Data (Romania),
  • Datuum.ai (US),
  • Fainin (Germany),
  • Fryda (Sweden),
  • GeoBeholder (Estonia),
  • Green-Growth (Latvia),
  • Hotelbuddy (Estonia),
  • Huntli (Latvia),
  • Industrial Robotics Company (Lithuania),
  • Lendorse (Germany),
  • Luna Energy (Lithuania),
  • mathos (Lithuania),
  • Medon (Latvia),
  • Nelinor (Finland),
  • Nomads Embassy (Italy),
  • Ofofo (United States),
  • OG Sense (Latvia),
  • Overly (Latvia),
  • Peero (Latvia),
  • ReLearn (Italy),
  • Remostart (Nigeria),
  • Salesforge (Lithuania),
  • Savables (Romania),
  • Self (Denmark),
  • Sepsiscan (Latvia),
  • SIA Qrunch (Latvia),
  • Sign on Tab (Lithuania),
  • SimpleCharge (Latvia),
  • Sisko (Finland),
  • SOVN (Netherlands),
  • SpoCaBoo (Latvia),
  • Sqrino (Latvia),
  • TerraWaste (Netherlands),
  • UPLYFT (United Kingdom),
  • Uvodo (United States),
  • Yeastime (Italy),
  • Zen Shapes by Tokitus (Lithuania),
  • zenoo (Lithuania).

These semi-finalists will continue their journey to compete for the large prize pool:

  • Syndicated investment of up to 150,000 EUR from BADideas.fund
  • 150k EUR investment from DEPO Ventures
  • 50k EUR investment from Buildit
  • 10,000 EUR, with no strings attached, from our community
  • Tuition for the Draper University Hero Program
  • A zero-rate Open Banking service from Noda
  • Awards from the Cocoon Program
  • On-stage exposure to an audience of 200+ international investors, media, and over 2,000 attendees;