Key to fast and reliable access
to business data

Dealing with data is hard

Challenge #1

What To Do With Legacy Data?

  • Governments and businesses have accumulated vast amounts of data that are locked in legacy systems, and thus inaccessible to centralization, migration and mining.
  • COBOL and mainframe programmers are still wanted by the market.
  • Costs of migrating the data are high. Many times the software vendors or programmers are no longer available.

Challenge #2

How To Apply AI+ML?

  • ML mostly deals with prepared data in a form easily consumable by models and algorithms.
  • In most practical cases the most expensive part of implementing AI into a business is to prepare data, so it can be fed into a model. The same applies to analytics.
  • The costs of preparing and labelling data often are the main reason not to adopt ML in business processes.

Challenge #3

Where Is The Truth?

  • Data in government and businesses are fragmented and ambiguous, stored across multiple systems.
  • Creating a “single source of truth” and data lakes is a trend in organizations. Such projects usually take a minimum of 1 year to complete at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.
  • Handling data mergers during M&A operations of an enterprise can be even more expensive, taking years and millions of dollars.

Challenge #4

How To Converge SMB Data?

  • SMBs have accumulated vast amounts of data, often across fragmented legacy systems with poor data design.
  • Every time SMB wants to migrate to a better system they either increase the level of fragmentation or have to drop legacy data forever.
  • For most SMBs the costs are prohibitive.

The Solution


Define domain ontology, building from a curated set of common data layouts and customizing with the the datuum.ai toolset.


Connect to a data source (RDBMS, CSV files or even Excel spreadsheet) and let system automatically scan it.


Let AI find and map the data for you in automatic mode while giving you an opportunity to correct the process.


Reduced costs to map and extract data comparing to fully manual process

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